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3D and Marketing Developments

3D Visualisation has become the main stay of architects from feasibility studies to planning submissions over the last few years. The use of Sketchup and Revit are now standard in house tools. But what if you could do more. At Neat Design we produce 3D Visuals not only for feasibility study and planning stages we also produce high end renders for marketing a development. Below we list some steps showing how 3D can help your development.


1. Hit the market early.

With 3D you can let potential purchasers see exactly how the development will look prior and during construction. This will generate immediate interest and can turn a construction site into something worth their interest.

2. Buyers are with it.

Buyers are online and buying products from amazon and so on every day. It is a digital age and if you can reach your market by showing you have technology on your side use it. Generating a website which flows easily through CGI visuals, animated walkthroughs and 3D floor plans gives you the tools to build a brand for your development.

3. Video sells.

With video you can visually engage directly with the buyer and deliver large amounts of information quickly. This can combine an engaging animated walkthrough and site specific information useful to the buyer.

4. That killer photo.

When selling a property you need to have all items in place. An essential part of this marketing package is the killer photo. 3D is a quick and cost effective way to having that one image to hang all your marketing materials around.


Like what you see?

Check out some of our 3D Projects here or get in contact to see how we can help.