Powerful Design for Print

At Neat Design we are a full creative studio providing 3d, digital and design for print to a number of key clients. Our knowledge of print has its roots from working within print houses and learning from the best. With that we continue to acknowledge and respect the medium of print.

Below we offer some practical tips on what to consider to help fully maximise your printed products.


1. Message is King

Designing something that looks amazing is a wonderful thing to be part of and to produce but if the design does not get the clients message across the design has essentially failed. The message always comes first. Try to keep the headline short, snappy and to the point. Use taglines to expand on the headline and always have a call to action.



2. Complimentary design.

Using relevant imagery, icons and typography to compliment the messaging is a must. A good designer will always go deep into the clients brief to understand what is required from the product and in turn his design. Getting an understanding of the clients brief is key to ensuring the design matches the messaging.



3. Grab their attention.

What are you designing? A flyer, postcard, brochure, report, poster, direct mail, In store POS, Outdoor bus shelters, press adverts the list goes on. Consider the product and how you can push the medium you are using to help sell that product. In general you only have seconds (depending on the medium) to catch the attention of the customer. Use the medium to help keep attention and convey your message.



4. Finishes

Print would not be print without a variety of paper types, weights, finishes and special finishes. Your product could benefit from having an embossed or spot UV cover depending on what it is your are tying to sell. Carefully consider your options and what finish would best suit your product.



Any questions? Need help with an up coming design project? Get in touch and see how we can help.



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Michael Bassett
for Neat Design